The Founder 

The Face behind it

The Founder of The Hebridean Mustard Company enjoys a mustard field

My name is Heike Winter. I was born in a German mustard stronghold. The oldest existing brand of mustard in Germany is still produced in Düsseldorf and, hey, I am a mustard lover.

»The way to happiness is through the stomach and so happiness is based in the kitchen« - mine, anyway.

As a child in my Grannie’s kitchen, which was always full of warmth and comfort, I experienced marvellously plain fare. Her hot chocolate was out of this world. Today some of my favourite recipes are the ones that have been handed down through generations. I learned to make preserves and pickles in her kitchen, from harvesting the ingredients to bottling. I cleaned millions of gherkins, put them into brine, dried every single one by hand after 24 hours, stacked them into jars and loved putting mustard seeds into the magic of the pickling liquor. And Grannie’s rhubarb-ketchup was more a poem than a condiment.

However, the magic also comes from farmers’ markets with fresh and first-rate regional vegetables, from colourful, seasonal fruits, from Mother Nature who is the essence of it all.

I feel blessed when I am baking, when the flour mill is working properly, my nose inhaling the aromas of homemade sourdough and my hair covered in flour dust. I am as happy as a child at the fair when the ingredients combine to dough, the loaves turn to golden brown. And nothing is better than the heavy German bread called Pumpernickel with its darkly sweet aroma and earthy taste. During 23 hours of baking the natural fruit sugar of rye caramelises and the kitchen smells like heaven.

The mouth-watering blends of aromatic spices and fragrant herbs that make your taste buds tingle and turns plain condiments into a burst of mustardy joy is the powerful creative process of the Mustheb brand.

It is the balance of acidity, sweet- and spiciness that regularly blows my mind. The use of the best high quality ingredients doesn’t need any additives.

Good and honest food means a lot to me – I am off to the kitchen now!