Sweet Mustard 'Sweet Delight'

Sweet Delight is sheer indulgence. The mustard contains pure yellow natural mustard seeds partly ground to mustard flour. Cider-vinegar ensures a pleasant acidity. The sweetness comes from natural cane sugar, sea salt without anti caking agents and secret spice rounds the taste. No need for artificial flavours and preservatives.
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Pepper Mustard '8-Pepper-Cèilidh'

is a fest for mustard lovers who are keen on a peppery kick. Apart from the natural mustard kick itself, eight high-quality pepper types gather for a palate cèilidh. Black, green, white and pink peppercorns sway with allspice, cubebs, Bengal pepper and grains of paradise to the mustard beat to entertain your taste buds. This mustard has a delightful peppery palate thrill. If you are looking for a tasty ultimate kick, 8-Pepper-Cèilidh is just the thing.
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Garlic Mustard 'Garlic Galore'

Garlic Galore is the lovely reeky one among our mustards. The Hardneck Porcelain Garlic that is used is a classical variety that has an original sweet taste of garlic and no bitter aftertaste. We use 100% Scottish garlic grown at the foot of the Cawdor Hills in the Scottish Highlands. No bleaches, chemicals or preservatives are used.

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Curry & Pineapple Mustard 'Taste of India'

The full-bodied aromas of the spicy ingredients are very finely tuned to each other so that they do not get lost in the pungency of the mustard and the mustard also retains its mustard taste. It is a reminiscent of traditional curry, classic masala or  historic tandoori - and it's neither one nor the other - it is same, same, but different. This mustard is a delicious taste experience that gives culinary dishes an exotic touch.
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Chilli Mustard 'Infernal Bliss'

Infernal Bliss Mustard is a fiery indulgence. The natural condiment contains pure yellow mustard seeds partly ground to mustard flour and salt without anti caking agents. Cider-vinegar ensures a pleasant acidity. The wee sweetness comes from natural cane sugar. A good portion of red jalapeño chillies with a sweet, fruity flavour and cayenne pepper provide the heat. No need for artificial flavours and preservatives.
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Liquorice & Stout Mustard 'Slàinte Liquorice'

Slàinte Liquorice Mustard is an unusual composition for liquorice lovers. It goes very well with lamb, venison and beef, or a cheese selection or as a perfect base for a salad dressing. For all sceptics: liquorice is used here as a spice and the mustard is not to be confused with candy. Nevertheless, it has a wee sweetness. A balanced mixture of liquorice root and aniseed characterize the taste and it is rounded with a nice shot of proper Irish stout.
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Grainy Mustard 'Bonnie Wholegrain'

Grainy Mustards are also known as wholegrain mustard. For this mustard, the seeds are roughly ground, and not sieved of their hulls. By the way: All mustards used to be like this until the English pioneered smooth mustard powders.

»Bonnie Wholegrain« contains yellow and brown mustard seeds, Sauvignon Blanc and white wine vinegar, mustard flour, sea salt and a hint of honey - That's it. No preservatives, no colours or flavours as every one of my mustards. Pure Nature!
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Five flavours in cute, mini jars

A perfect gift for mustard lovers and an excellent hostess gift for invitations.
Sample our array of mustard flavours. Each box includes four mini jars of our mustard flavours 'Sweet Delight', 'Infernal Bliss', 'Slàinte Liquorice', 'Bonnie Wholegrain' and one jar with the fine sea salt mustard mix.

Why not surprise a mustard lover with a mouth-watering mustard fiveish
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