Beetroot Carpaccio

Beetroot Carpaccio

Ingredients for 1

  •     1 pcs. steamed beetroot
  •     Handful of rocket leaves of other salads
  •     30 g feta cheese
  •     1 tbsp. olive oil extra virgin
  •     1 tsp. dark balsamic vinegar
  •     Pinch of salt
  •     ½ tsp. Mustheb Slàinte Liquorice
  •     ½ tbsp. honey



Slice the beetroot into thin circles and lay down evenly on a plate. Place the rocket in the centre and sprinkle over the feta cheese. Stir all other ingredients to a dressing and pour over the rocket.


Enjoy as a light lunch or serve as a side dish!


Caramelized pecans are a nice topping.

Bon appetit!