Good to know

Mustard and a cold

Through a mustard bath the skin will be strongly irritated. This stimulates the blood circulation, breathing and nervous system.

Mix 100 g mustard flour into lukewarm water to a thick pulp and fill it into a canvas bag. Wipe the sack out in the bath water until the water becomes opaque-yellow-green. The temperature of the bath should be 37 °, stay 10 minutes, not longer. Wash skin thoroughly or shower. After the bath, wrapping in woolen blankets or towels is required. Bed rest is recommended. Get well soon

Attention: Special caution is required for heart disease! You shouldn’t take a mustard bath without asking a physician!

Shelf Life

As a natural product, mustard has a long shelf life, but also should handle with care.

Similar to fresh vegetables or salads, which quickly lose their quality due to oxygen and heat, mustard also doesn't tolerate light, air and heat. Its colour and taste suffer from light. It can dry out in the air. And it loses its fresh and sharpens aroma through heat. Although the original packaging offers a high degree of protection, once opened tubes or jars should be returned to the cool darkness behind the refrigerator door after use. Only in this way can you be sure of its taste and characteristic sharpness for longer.

Mustard is best enjoyed before the best before date!