Mustard Recipes

A honey mustard sauce is always a great match with Smoked Salmon
Hot Smoked Rainbow Trout and Sweet Delight Mustard is a tasty combination
The mustard provides the wine note. Experiment with different types of mustard to find your favourite combination.
Beetroot and Liquorice is always a winning match
Burn's Night is only once a year, this salmon is meant to be eaten more often
Cream cheese balls not just for Halloween
Potato salad with our Bonnie Wholegrain mustard
Beetroot and Liquorice is always a winning match
A refreshing salad with an 8-Pepper-Cèilidh dressing
An easy to make mustard dip as treat for veg lovers
An extraordinary risotto with a wee mustard tanginess
Gobble them up from the oven before someone else claims
Mustard and watermelon really go well together
Just the best in dull and dreich weathers
A salad with a delightful mustard dressing
Adapt it to Halloween with Jack O'Lantern carvings
An unusual palate cleaner - Mustard Ice Cream
Potato Mustard Soup: If it’s dreich outside, this soup warms from the inside
A flavourful marinade that turns any kind of BBQ stuff into delights
The zing of mustard in that gravy turns it into a perfect accompaniment to many dishes

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