Heike at the Food-Festival at An Lanntair 2019

Mustheb Mission

We are on a mission to bring back mustard on the status it belongs. We're keen as mustard telling that mustard is more than just a blob on your plate or only goes with steak and sausages. Unfortunately, many people have forgotten over the years that good mustard is much more than the soulless industrial pastes that are common today and often cause little more than pain.

Mustard is so versatile in so many different cooking’s. Try it out. You will be surprised how mustard lifts, develops and crows your cuisine. And if you really don’t like it you can get back to what you did before but if you like it you will never miss it again. Mustheb mustards are always an experience with exceptional taste surprises.

We want Mustheb to be a part of your daily cooking life. The high quality of our products and the fact that our mustards make you feel good has already led to a growing number of Mustheb fans around the world. We love to see the number of Mustheb lovers growing steadily.

mustheb dream

The Beginning

One morning in January 2017 our founder woke up with Mustheb in her mind’s eye; just a ‘word’ you would say but for her, it was so intense that she had to find out what this dream wanted to tell. She knew the syllable heb stood for the Hebrides, but what could be a Must-Hebrides? She felt a tingling in her hands and grabbed a book from the shelf to calm herself down. The book fell to the floor, and she looked at the page that fell open and … could only focus just a single word in the text: mustard.

Could that be it? Should she follow her passion for foody things, making mustard and other delights?

She decided: Mustheb should become a budding brand that would grow - Made in the Hebrides. The idea took more and more shape, and The Hebridean Mustard Company was born. In September 2017 the first jar of Mustheb mustard was sold.

Heike in a Mustard Field

The Founder

The Face behind it Mustheb is Heike, born in a German mustard stronghold. In Düsseldorf, where the oldest existing brand of mustard in Germany is still produced.

As a child in her Grannie’s kitchen, which was always full of warmth and comfort, she experienced marvellously plain fare. Today some of her favourite recipes are the ones that have been handed down through generations. She learned to make preserves and pickles, from harvesting the ingredients to bottling. She cleaned millions of gherkins, dried every single one by hand after 24 hours, stacked them into jars and loved putting mustard seeds into the magic of the pickling liquor. And Grannie’s rhubarb ketchup was more a poem than a condiment.

However, the magic also comes from farmers’ markets with fresh and first-rate regional vegetables, from colourful, seasonal fruits, from Mother Nature who is the essence of it all.

She feels blessed when making mustard, when the sound of the working mill fills the kitchen and her nose inhales the aromas of fresh mustard, spices and vinegar. She is happy as a child at the fair when the ingredients combine to paste, and the texture turns to mustardy fluid.