Mustheb Quality Promise


100% mustheb quality
At Mustheb, we believe that true success comes from loyal and returning customers, and customers return when they are happy.

Whether it is our mustard seeds, the vinegar, the sea salt, the different kinds of sugars, our honey or the spices: we check every single ingredient for its high quality, even if it is added only in small doses. Quality is extremely important to us. Every jar contains just natural ingredients.

It's the balance of acidity, sweetness and spiciness that regularly blows our customers away. The use of the best ingredients comes entirely without additives. Every jar is filled with love, packed with care in the tranquillity and peace of the Isle of Harris.


best ingrediences for mustheb

Organic ingredients are important to us. They contain more nutrients and vitamins, are GMO-free, better for the environment and last but not least have a more natural taste.

And: what we can source locally we do. We support Hebridean, Scottish, British, European and international companies (in that exact order). When taste and quality meet our high standards, we are more than happy to source locally and as close as possible.
We are proud to work with The Really Garlicky Farm in the Scottish Highlands. The Scottish Bee Company supplies us with their finest bee honey. The organic vinegar we use is from Aspall in England. And even the jars themselves are made in the UK.

So far we have not been successful in finding an organic mustard farmer in the UK. The seeds we use - depending on the variety - are grown in Germany, Poland, Canada and India. We want to be as transparent as possible. If you have any questions about our ingredients drop us a line.


mustheb for sustainability

Mustard is more than just a food. Every single jar is produced by us with the awareness that we only have one earth and we should take care of it!

All products that leave the mustard kitchen will ultimately live up to our commitment to sustainability along the entire value chain.

We look behind the scenes. Fair working conditions are important to us, also with the partners, we work with. In our cooperation’s, we attach great importance to high social, ecological and economic standards and guidelines.

Yes, you can't check everything and yes, you find black sheep everywhere, but in our opinion, every little contribution can change the world and that is what Mustheb also stands for.