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There is no need to increase the viscosity of mustard by using chemicals
Hamburger: not a worse thing to have mustard with
Our Garlic Galore mustard made it in the first issue of Scotland's Food & Drink Magazine taste.
in the 18th century in England mustard was served on the tables of the wealthy in silver and with a silver spoon. Mustard contains sulphur and reacts with silver, a metallic aftertaste was (and still…
When you are in the Outer Hebrides just right now but can't make it to the mustard shack in the South of Harris, replenish your favourite mustard at the Loomshed Hebridean deli in Tarbert
Yellow awakens the spirits. Ask children to draw something yellow and they will come up with the sun. Yellow triggers associations such as summer, sunflowers, holidays and good humour. The Colour…

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